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What Are Castings

Castings are the end result of the digestive process of that noblest of decomposers: the earthworm. Once the worms have performed their magic, castings are left behind in the soil to begin the cycle of renewal and nourishment which sustains all life. This special "soil alchemy" begins with the ingestion of organic plant material. During the worm's unique digestive process, the organic matter is both completely broken down and infused with all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant development and soil sustainability. The castings literally help create better plants from the ground up, from improving the soil to promoting natural disease resistance. In addition to the myriad water-soluble nutrients and trace minerals they contain, these complex wonders are also a key source of beneficial microbes which promote a diverse and healthy soil ecosystem, which in turn engenders stronger plant immunity to harmful pathogens. This leads to strong and vigorous root growth and reduces susceptibility to disease. Castings also promote better moisture retention, while simultaneously improving soil aeration and drainage. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, the nutrients and trace minerals contained in earthworm castings are water-soluble and completely bio-available and will never burn or harm anything they touch, regardless of the amounts used. Because they are completely harmless, they are perfectly safe to be used around pasture-grazing animals, pets, and people in any concentration, and will never pollute groundwater, which is yet another reason organic earthworm castings are the greenest choice for the greenest plants!

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